Interior Design
Year: 2022
Total area: 57 m2
Location: Kaliningrad, Russia
Photos by: Sergey Melnikov​​​​​​​
The interior of the cafe-bakery in Kaliningrad is filled with natural materials, simple shapes and natural objects that refer us to the local craft.
The center of the hall is occupied by a boulder brought from the Baltic Sea coast. He divides the bakery space into two parts: a bread-laying area where you can place an order, and a landing area.
A distinctive feature of the seating hall is a cantilevered community table coming out of a boulder and having a fulcrum in the form of cylindrical lamps. The entire design of the table and, in general, all the pieces of furniture in the interior were designed according to drawings.
Also, the accent of the space is a cubic volume, sheathed with brass sheets. It hides a WC with an air flow of linen cloths and a sink made of a material already familiar in texture -a stone taken from the coast.
The material of the floor is a light terrazzo, it is also used on the display stand with the display of bread and confectionery. The interior is also dominated by objects made of wood, very simple and understandable shapes: shelves for fresh pastries, a floating bench and chairs specially designed by us for the project.
In addition to the materials we introduced in the decoration, there was already brickwork in the room, which we decided to preserve without the slightest interference. Which further set the atmosphere for the whole room and our concept.