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    Website with integrated Shop for custom prints for Druckerei Wenzel.
The Wenzel Company has a growing reputation for large format printing. They can print directly on almost every material including wood, stone, metal, textiles and plexiglass. In addition to their new custom production management software they wanted to integrate their webshop directly into their new website.
We built a modular Content Management System based on Typo3, where the content manager can fill every page with building blocks from the library. The site can stay up-to-date with new custom building blocks like the slider or the social media news feed.
The product pages feature sample images with zoom functionality, 360-degree product images and videos pulled from the company's YouTube Page. The complex product configurator pulls product data directly from the production management software and instantly updates the product price according to the changed options.
-- Typo3 CMS
-- Twitter Bootstrap Framework
-- SVG for Retina Logotype
-- Building Blocks make the whole site modular
-- HTML5 Video
-- 360-degree product images without Flash and Touchscreen-enabled
-- lightning fast product configurator updates product price instantly
-- News Page pulls in all social feeds of the company
-- HTML5 File Uploader up to 100MB
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Product Page
Product Category Page
News Page - Social Media Feeds