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About the Project
Bonatural is a Swiss manufacturer. They have the technology and access to sustainable materials to establish 100% recyclable & CO2 neutral production. They want to launch a new product line for a different target audience and need marketing assistance.
Challenges & Business Goals
Step 1 – Kickoff meeting
At the end of the meeting we’ve already knew the main issue – Josh doesn’t know about the target audience much. So first of all we needed to understand if the product is really something the market needs, and if not – build a different strategy. That’s why our next step is…
Step 2 – Market Research & Analytics
We unleashed our research powers and after a day of researching we have defined:
We discovered the brand values need to be broadcasted by Bonatural to be a desirable brand for our target audience.
We have compiled a list of product qualities we need to have in order to match those values. And we have discovered more
about the lifestyle of our Target audience, so we know which products Bonatural can support them with.
Step 3 – Research + Moodboard
Now that we know what our target audience needs – we need to discover the visual metaphor (how logo & visual identity would look), and there are 4 main criteria to be meet:
So we research how the niche looks nowadays, check the brands and ask Josh to mark those matching with his vision.
Step 4 – Logo design
We have performed the initial round of Logo design. Eventually we’ve had 4 concepts:
Step 4.1 – Getting feedback & 1 more design round
We’ve had a call with Josh where he said:
Guys, I quite like the concept #4, yet I don’t get the idea with penguins. I also like one of the wip options in 3.1 can we work around that?

So we have performed another round and came up with the final concept:

Step 5 – Logo Guide
In order to capture all the artifacts included into design concept and organize project details carefully we create
a Logo guide.
It’s a simple yet elegant document that stores the whole info you might need about the Logo.
The core of our Brand is ready. However, the Logo never lives alone. It’s surrounded with the brand identity. For Josh to be able to run business he needs marketing collateral and obviously – product design. Those are impossible without visual identity.
Step 6 – Identity design
We have taken some artifacts of the visual identity that appeared on step 4 as a base and performed a design round to get the visual identity concept ready.

Long story short, this is what we’ve got in the final result:
The core of the identity – Neutral Tones and as much empty space as possible. This represents the state that people get
in during Yoga & Meditation sessions.

No external noise, no distractions. Clear & Pure mind flow.

We want to help our customers to get to this state, when there’s no trash distracting you. At the same time, our products support the same philosophy – 100% recyclable & sustainable.
Step 7 – Products design
Now it’s time to define what products our target audience would want, which of them are possible to be produced and find some balancing point here.

We’ve researched all the possible products on the market and came up with a list:
Then Josh helped to select and find the balance we needed. We scoped the products to start with and proceed with designs.

We came up with 10 branded products in total, focusing the initial design on simplicity. Josh wanted only a small logo,
and maybe small additional details to maintain simplicity & clarity concept. Plus this helps to reduce production costs.
Step 8 – Social Media Channels Branding
Since the core sales generating stream for Josh is SMM, it’s pretty obvious that they need to be branded appropriately. While Josh has been busy with production management, we’ve created the assets he needs for a great start!
Our Branding project is ready, assets are delivered, Josh is happy. He’s in the beginning of a long and exciting way. We have created a solid foundation for Bonatural to grow & florish.
bonatural © case study

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bonatural © case study

Bonatural is a Swiss manufacturer. They want to launch a new product line for a different target audience and need marketing assistance.