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    The Dream Factory is part of an ongoing project to recreate the dream world in images.
The Dream Factory Chapter 1
The story about where dreams evolve
This is a big personal project in attempt to recreate the way dreams evolve. Each chapter will be a different step in the process of dream evolution. 
This image is available for print 100x60cm please contact me for more information.

In My Dreams
poem by ~heavensoldier77

The realm of my dreams have me hunger for Heaven, —
a place of perfect serenity and undisturbed peace, —
the perfect utopia where antipathy is replaced by love,
the complete antithesis of the world I live in.

As the morrow arrives, I fight to remain in my slumber.
I do not wish to look at the sky reality beholds.
The world needs to take a reversed turn
to evolve into the utopia I dream of.

But I know this will never happen; I'm smarter than that.
If evolution is such a fact, why are we deëvolving?
It's an inconvenient truth that most won't reach this utopia,
for most do not desire a place so sublime.