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    A series of Digital painted posters on European Union I´ve done as a part of my graduation work.
European Union Parody
Series of 5 posters representing recent troubles EU got itself into.
By this project I tried to cope with some issues EU has been facing lately. Firstly i would emphasise that im not trying to ofend anyone. Im merely illustrating the situation the way i see it.

Basically I have personificated EU as a superheroine. My main aim was to explore influences between corporate identities and superheroes. I have noticed before, that there are a lot of simmilarities (logo, corporate colours, etc...).
I have designed a superheroine called simply EU who I have placed in situations illustrating some of the most profound troubles of Eupropean union.

I hope you´ll enjoy the project and please be so kind to let me know what you think about it.
     Just a few sketches I have done.
     This poster is about the people who are just unable to cope with reality or summon any sense of responsibility.
     Selfish people who see only a narrow field of things concerning themselfs directly.
     (I emphasise, that I am not refering to Greeks as a nation. There is give or take the same nuber of such
     people in every nation.)
     This poster is refering to the situation with China and its crushing Export.
     This poster is refering to the recent situation concerning European strugle with coleseed.
     Is it realy the best option to to stuff our cars with it?
     Its not a question of bilieves or religion. Its a simple matter of mathmetics and fact.
     Muslims are Spreading all over the Eureope and they do have a lot of children.
     We have invaded their teritories and so they are invading ours.
     We went there to wage war, and they moved here to live in peace and prosperity.
     Will it remain so? Or should we be worried ?! 
    Are you familliar with Václav Klaus? The infamous fighter against all the euroactivists, Ekoterrorists and so on?
     Just a few photos from my presentation of the project in the old factory building in Zlin.
Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed my work. Feal free to leave your comment underneath.

Hugs and kisses and stuff,
Dominik Strnad