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    Packaging design for a fictitious Lambretta house ware line
Lambretta Veloce

The Lambretta Velcoe Houseware line features a collection of five streamlined appliances that are designed with the same precision and style as the classic original Lambretta Italian scooters by Fernando Innocenti. Veloce, in Italian, means speed, which refers the power of these appliances. These sleek and modern additions to your home are not just made to stand out in your kitchen but are built to last, performing with exceptional quality and efficiency.

Started In 1847, Lambretta is popularly known as the Italian line of scooters originally manufactured in Milan by Fernando Innocenti. The rise of the motor scooter was designed during post-WWII as a more quick, cost-effective and easy way to travel around the city. Over the years, Lambretta has expanded to a number of models that have been built, disconnected and recustomized to fit people’s need and varied personalities. Established all around the world and coveted by motor enthusiasts and collectors, Fernando Innocenti’s scooters are widely known as a unique and stylish way to travel.