Lind Bros. Brewing: Black Flag Double IPA Packaging
Lind Bros. Brewing Black Flag Double IPA Beer packaging concept including a 22oz bottle, as well as a four pack for shelf.
The Lind Bros. are two brothers who create craft brew and microbrew in Barnstead NH.
The Black Flag double IPA is a nod to the IPA of the old world. IPA was originally brewed to survive the months at sea it would take to make the trip from India to England (hence the name: IPA).
The front and back of the box display rough waters with a ship, and a skull shaped cave as a nod to the life under the black flag, as well as a silouette of the state of New Hampshire as a nod to where the beer is brewed. The side of the package boats the brews International Bitterness Units (IBU), as well as the Yeild (ABV) listed above the history of the IPA brew, and a brief story of the Lind Bros. Brewing dons the opposite side below the brewery logo.
Illustration and design created specifically for the project.