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Equipment for real-time covid-19 testing

Seegen (2021)
Equipment design for real-time covid-19 testing

When the virus was spread around the world, pcr testing equipment was designed for real-time testing.
Rapid testing is essential to prevent the spread of the virus.

understated and professional

Since  it is a medical equipment, colors that look clean and have clear contrast are used to show professionalism and reliability, and they are designed more simply than decorative elements.

It can be used hygienically in an environment where viruses or germs must be careful because it opens and closes when manipulated on the touch screen without having to pull the drawer.

When the drawer opens, there is a structure for antigen testing.

There are vent holes on the back of the product that can cool the heat.
Also,there are power switches and ports and adapters at the bottom of the back of the product.

Factors to increase convenience in the use of the product

1. Handle designed to lift the product
2. Monitor Angle Adjustment Structure

This is  a mockup for manufacturing.

Equipment for real-time covid-19 testing

Client.  seegen
Designed by.  Design STORYLAB

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Equipment for real-time covid-19 testing

Equipment for real-time covid-19 testing