Africa Oasis Poster Campaign

The goal of this poster campaign was to bring attention to the Africa Oasis Project, a non-profit organization committed to providing the people of Africa with clean, safe water.

My concept was based on the fact that many of us are so used to the luxury of water, that we often don't even notice its presence. In order to communicate this, I brainstormed familiar objects that not only contained the word "water", but completely rely on it. I then removed that word, challenging the viewer to fill in the blank and see these items from a different perspective.

Suddenly, it becomes much more apparent what the main component is – If not for water, what would they be? Could they still exist?

Design: Adobe Photoshop
Photography: Canon Rebel XT

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Based on the same concept as the posters, I took the campaign a step further and designed packaging for handouts to make the message a bit more personal. It's amazing how much we rely on water, right down to that morning cup of coffee.

Coffee, soap and tea packaging