Founder, Brand Identity, Product Design & Craft
I founded a leather goods company specialising in 'raw' vegetable-tanned leather. 

Cleaver + Bark is being launched with everything designed and hand-made by myself. That includes the products, the branding and all promotional materials. It was conceived as a high-quality leather goods company specialising in raw, vegetable-tanned leather. The brand sees the craft of the product meet the imagery of the butcher, reflecting the origins of the material and its raw, natural state. The products will age with their owner, starting off a light tan and developing a beautiful patina with use.

The logo contains an hourglass made from iconic interpretations of a meat cleaver and a tree, conveying both the name and the evolving nature of the material as it changes over time. The accompanying brand guidelines are leather–bound and hand–stitched using the same time honoured method as the wallets.