Concept and Art Direction : Manolis Ibrahim
3D Animation / Props modeling / Rendering / Composting / TD : Firas J.Ershead
3D Map Modeling : Siamak roSimak
C# Programming : Qais Trodi
Ajwa' is a complete 3D weather system. It features advanced visualization for clouds, rain and snow. The system integrates with a broad range of online weather-data providers, and trigger graphics and animations automatically.
An intuitive GUI allows to easily control, switch, and manipulate the data. The solution is integrated with broadcast facilities system.
The system is semi-realtime, and can be schedualed  to output the rendered clips daily at required time.
A combination between Autodesk Maya pre-rendered sequences, Adobe Aftereffects CS5 background render ability, and in-house C# controlling layer, enables a user friendly system.

Video edit : Syria,Middle-east,Africa & Europe
Opening sequence:
45"sec clip | Middle East & GCC countries.
Maps screen shots
 Art & Technology