Kuwait TV
Motion Graphics
Project presentation using few scenes.
 Horse - walk cycle (720p)
 Horse - running cycle (720p)
Logo bug animation. 
 Running horses animation.
Rababa & Horse animation. 

Commissioned by s7production - Kuwait.

Saad Alqahtani
Talal Alenzi

Concept / Director / Art director : Wissam Altroudi
Producer / Co-director : Firas Ershead (infofillers.tv)

Nour Al-Masri :  Shading, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing & data flow
Tala Talal Bardouka : Animation
Taha : Modeling
Faiz Al Bekai: Animatic & CameraOsama Khader : Special effects (ICE)
Mjd bokhari : Rigging & TechnicalQais Altroudi : Technical support (Dubai) 
Mostafa Said Ahmad : Technical support (Damascus)
 Noal / Carpit
Gate / Sidra
Running / Jump 
 Towers / Fish
Palm / Camel
 Pearl / Boat
 Falcon / Take off
Breakdown shots
Storyboard & 2D Designs
3D Elements
Compositing Layers
Final Frames
2D  Designs
Under the hood - making snapshots (Maya - XSI - After effects)
A very special thanks to
for providing us the opportunityto be involvedin the creation of theKuwait TV branding.
Kuwait TV