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The inspiration for the “Leave your shape behind collection” comes from the beach. The beach is one of the fewest places where traces of humans and animals are left behind in the sand, which makes them visible. The “Claytable”  is a form of translation for traces that are left behind. The surface of clay makes the Claytable attractive to play and shape and therefore evolve.
The applications of  the “Claytable” are broad. The attractiveness of the surface makes clay work for children and adults. All tend to touch the clay and play with it. Because of its attraction, the clay table could be an ideal product for public spaces. For example dentist waiting rooms, waiting rooms/ playrooms  in hospitals, schools and nurseries, or brainstorm areas for companies. In addition, the “Claytable” can also be used for children and adults with mental or physical limitations to stimulate different senses. In short, there are enough possibilities and applications.
Dimensions : 1600 X 800 X 750 mm ( L X W X H )
On request all dimensions possible
Material: Aluminium and clay