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    Avery Dennison Brand Experience Contest Finalist in Wine & Spirits Category
Mòment Wine Labels
My design for the Avery Dennison Brand Experience Concept in Wine & Spirits Category is one of the five finalists. Now I am waiting for the results which would be announced on 22nd of June. Fingers crossed :)

Here is the brand story they provided:
Life is a stream of forthcoming memories: an anticipated first date, an anniversary dinner, a celebration of friends together. And many of these memories are built around that most communal of places — the dining table, where the food, the fellowship and a great bottle of wine come together. This wine brand is not about selling bottles, it is about being part of the moment. It is about producing a wine (price $32) distinguished by subtle notes and earthy tones that don’t overtake the conversation, but move it along. It is the perfect choice of the wine enthusiast—eager to order a bottle for the table—who does not fancy himself a wine expert. The brand stands apart on the shelf for the elegance and shape of its label. It is a label that hints at the tasting experience it will deliver and the memories it will be a part of. The label respects and protects the very earth that nurtures the grapes…that become the wine…that becomes the moment.

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