OLIVA is an armchair that was designed linked to the tradition and values around Olive trees.
This lounge chair was developed for rural areas, for the countryside, to connect the user with nature, outdoors or indoors. It aspires to achieve a symbolic objective, the lines and shapes were designed following the natural look of the trees aiming to connect the natural values with the functional aspects of an armchair.
OLIVA, an armchair built in solid ash wood, cushion and straps upholstered in a woolen fabric.
The cut on the front of the arm represents the pruning stages during the life of olive trees. The trees are pruned in order to grow stronger and provide better fruit. 
The arm ressembles the shape of the olive tree leaves. A wider profile creating a flat platform that works as a shelve where users can place their objects when they are not seating, for example, their books.
Olives are usually catched using big nets, the workers shake the branches and the olives, being heavy, tend to fall to the ground, where those nets are ready to store them. 
With this in mind we designed the seating with interlaced fabric straps, to represent this very traditional net geometry.
The people who pick the olives hold a traditional hand tool especially designed for the task, they strike the branches, shaking them and making the olives fall onto the nets. This representation of strength and agility is pattented onto the chair, the form created between the back legs and the backs of the chair aspire to represent the silhouette that those same people create while using the wooden tool.
Interior scene inspired by Fuschini - Cadeira José photoshoot.