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    Exhibition at the City Museum of Querétaro, México, showing mural, drawings, skechbooks and jewellery under the same design concept.

Mural, Drawing, Sketchbooks & Jewellery under the same design concept.

 “Lines, dots, strokes, forms… "
Where do they come from? Where do they go? Do they have a meaning? Should they have it? Perhaps they come out of nowhere, out of nothing; but from the nothingness nothing can come and, if something could emerge from it then it would not be nothing, but something.”
The architect and visual artist Rocio Soto reflects on the interpretation of her work, which will be exhibited from April to the end of June at the City Museum under the title “Ruido en la mente “ (Noise in the mind) with the support of the Instituto Queretano para la Cultura y las Artes (Queretaro´s Institute for Culture and Arts).

Iván Véliz says: “Through her hand, the artist´s mind expresses without words. A moment of clarity freezes on paper and, with strokes, [the artist] reveals her feelings, unveils her thoughts and emotions. It is a spontaneous manifestation, honest and without pretentions, of an extraordinary instrument that all of us have but that none of us knows. There is nothing to obtain, nothing to avoid, no one to please, nowhere to go… it is only the noise in the artist´s mind that emerges free, transformed in abstract and unforeseen textures. This exhibition, unescapably, leads us to a reflection that makes us wonder: What is the noise in my mind like?

Photographs by: Benjamín Eduardo Valencia Rodríguez