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    A series of hot news graphics showing the passes and goals of all the 15 matches of the 2013 Gulf Cup of Nations.
A series of hot news graphics showing the passes and goals of all the 15 matches of the competition. Completed passes (blue arrows), incomplete passes (red arrows) and goals (black arrows). Also all those passes were sidelong-grouped so the reader can analyze in which side of the field there were more passes. Almost all pages has two daily matches except the final. Each match is explained in four fields, two fields on the right for one team and other two for the opponent team. Each team had two fields because the match's two halves, except for the matches which had extra time like the second semi final and the final match. The last page is a summary of all passes of the competition by country. The best positioned teams shows more passes because had more matches and played better. The third-place match was not included because obvious reasons.
The competition was held in two stadiums only, so even the grass pattern was showed in each match. We created all those pages with Jay Cedro and Isidore Vic Carloman.

How we did it?
First we created the template. There were two matches every day, so we waited until the first half of the first match was finish to start our work. Once the first half is recorded on video, one designer started to plot the passes as accurate as possible based on the video, sometimes rewinding and others forwarding the video while other designer worked on the other team's passes. Once the first set of passes were ready was passed to me in order to paste it in the template and analyze it. I was the one who analyzed and wrote the explanations. Once one set of explanations were ready I was giving to the translator who returned it in Arabic to me. We continued the same routine until all the passes were completed. Those days were very hectic going home very late but was worth it.
Oman Vs. Bahrain / Emirates Vs. Qatar
This is a balanced match, both teams completed more or less similar number of passes.
In this case the blue squad dominated the match: More passes and most of them in the opponent's field.
Yemen Vs. Kuwait / Iraq Vs. Saudi Arabia
Oman Vs. Qatar / Emirates Vs. Bahrain
Kuwait Vs. Iraq / Saudi Arabia Vs. Yemen
Oman Vs. Emirates / Qatar Vs. Bahrain
Saudi Arabia Vs. Kuwait / Yemen Vs. Iraq
Semifinals: Kuwait Vs. Emirates / Bahrain Vs. Iraq (with extra time)
Final: Emirates Vs. Iraq (with extra time)
All tournament passes and goals