E-commerce Website Design, Development and Branding for Dopegood Furniture

Deveb, a creative digital agency, designed and developed a unique brand identity and website for modern furniture brand Dopegood. The result is, an e-commerce website that features unique and trendy web animations, user interactions, and 3D models created using the Three.Js library. Our goal was to create a fully customizable online shopping experience that matched the aesthetic of the brand.

Designing an Interactive and Aesthetically Stunning Website with Custom 3D Models

One of the key elements that set apart is our use of custom-designed 3D models and innovative web animations. Our team's art direction and attention to detail allowed us to create an interactive and visually stunning online shopping experience that truly captures the essence of the Dopegood brand.

Building an Interactive User Experience with React and Redux

To bring the website to life, we leveraged the power of React and Redux to achieve centralized data management in the front-end, which allowed us to create a highly interactive storefront and optimize the website's performance.

Optimizing Back-end Performance with Nodejs and TypeScript

To ensure a high-performing and easy-to-integrate back-end, we chose to use Nodejs and TypeScript. NodeJs offers a wide range of tools and is a popular backend technology, while TypeScript enables us to maintain type control and facilitates debugging.

Speeding Up the User Experience with MongoDB

To maximize the speed and overall user experience, we employed MongoDB as our database management system.

Dopegood has been honored with the world's most prestigious web design and development awards, including Site of the Day, Honorable Mention, Special Kudos, UI/UX Design, and Innovation Awards from Awwwards and CSS Design Awards.


Amir Mohseni - Art Direction, UI/UX Design & Branding

Nazanin Esmaeilian - Website Development

Ilia Mohseni - Website Development

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