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    This is my BFA Senior Thesis Project on poaching. This series demonstrates that the animals are incapable of surviving without the critical body… Read More
    This is my BFA Senior Thesis Project on poaching. This series demonstrates that the animals are incapable of surviving without the critical body part(s) they are killed for. Through the use of photographic illustration, I have the ability to portray the cruelty needlessly imposed on these majestic animals at the hands of poachers, without actually harming them. Read Less
Six of the eight bear Species are threatened with extinction. 
Bears are farmed in Asia and hunted all around the world for their gallbladder. 
Bear carcasses are found even in America stripped of their paws and gallbladders. Their gallbladders have been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to cure a variety of illnesses, while bear paws are considered a delicacy used in Chinese soups.
Red Pandas are considered 'good luck' to the Chinese, who use their fur and tails in cultural ceremonies, such as weddings. The pandas tail is also used in fashion accessories, such as hats. Their shy demeanor make them an easy target with no methods of self defense. It is illegal to hunt Red Pandas in China, though poaching persists. Some Red Pandas have virtually gone extinct in some parts of China.
The Sichuan Takin population is decreasing due to a rapid increase of illegal hunting. The open areas in which they graze makes these mammals an easy target for over hunting. Sport hunting magazines provide hunters with the information needed to find these rare animals any season of the year. These hunters view the takin species as a prize possession for their trophy collection, and will travel from America to China to bring a full grown takin home. They are slaughtered for their meat and fur, and to have their heads placed on a plaque for display.
The tiger trade was banned in 1993, though the demand for tiger's hide as a status symbol, decorative item, or for use of their body parts for medicine has since increased. Poaching is considered to be the largest immediate threat to the tiger population. A tiger's expensive skin can be made into coats, rugs, wall-drapes and fashion wear. The tigers eyeballs, penis, eyebrows, whiskers and bones are processed into Chinese folk medicine. Some of the Chinese upper class have even entertained themselves with the illegal practice of watching tigers die as a display of wealth.a
The Canadian Seal Hunt is the largest mass slaughtering of marine animals in the world. Over 60,000 seals are reported dead each year from the bloody hunt, with up to 90,000 deaths in Norway, Greenland, Nambia, Iceland, and Russia, and a thousand more seals unreported killed under the ice never to be collected. Most of the victims are 3 month old baby seals, which are beaten and hacked to death until they lose consciousness. Their fur is sold on the market as designer fashion wear, bought and sold by companies like Dolce & Gabana and Prada.
In the 1970's, there was a high demand for the Grevy Zebra's narrow striped skin in the fashion industry. The zebras were slaughtered to be made into handbags, wallets, slippers, rugs, wall-drapes, clothing, etc. Although Kenya has since banned illegal hunting of these creatures, locals still manage to kill the zebra for its skin and meat, which is then sold on the black market. Their meat is also used for medicinal and cultural purposes. Some Kenyan communities believe the zebra's fat and meat is able to heal them of gonorrhea and tuberculosis.
The tapir is a shy creature, one that limits interaction with humans. Despite their reserved demeanor, they are still hunted and preyed upon by humans for their meat and flesh. Their skin takes on a leathery feel and people use it to make items such as backpacks, ropes to ride horses, baskets, carpets and bed covers. The tapir's feet and skin are used for folk medicine in the attempt to treat epilepsy and heart disease. 
Each of the four species of tapir is considered vulnerable or endangered. 
Their population continues to decline as poaching persists.
Snow Leopards are prized for their beautiful fur in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. They are killed for garment making, while their bones and body parts are in demand for Chinese Medicine. Tigers are the preferred animal for Chinese Medicine, however tigers are so rare that poachers will use snow leopards in their place. A full snow leopard body can be resold for $10,000 on the black market, 
making them extremely valuable to hunters.
The Western Black Rhino is reported to be officially extinct as of 2011. 
Only 40-60 Javan Rhinos are left on Earth today. Rhinos are darted with a tranquilizer capable of killing a human being with one drop, while their horns are cut off by poachers and left to bleed to death. People believe that rhino horn has the ability to cure cancer. Vietnamese use it as a luxurious party drug. Illegal Rhino horn is reported to be sold for twice the price of gold and is more expensive than cocaine on the black market. At this rate, the rhino species could go extinct by the year 2031.
The African Lion is now being killed as a substitute for tigers. Because of this, the lion population has decreased by two-thirds in the last fifty years. Their bones are used in Chinese medicine, and their meat found in restaurants. A full lion skeleton can be worth $10,000 on the black market. Experts say that the West African Lion has a unique genetic makeup, not found even in lions held in captivity. Recent evidence shows that only 250 lions are left in West Africa today. To lose such a species would be the death of this recently discovered genetic sequence.