Adams' Peak - A Pilgrimage for Harmony

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  • Every Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim in Sri Lanka dreams of making a pilgrimage to "Sri Pada" mountain summit to worship sacred footprint that they believe to be of lord Buddha's, lord Shiva's or Adam. This iconic mountain known as Adam's Peak is the friendliest place on earth where people from diverse cultures, religions, Ethnics, geographies and social classes make a pilgrimage to worship a single religious symbol which they believe to be of their prophesies. This pilgrimage taking two days and presents the world's finest sunrise enabling cultural integration and harmony.
  • Project By:
    Prabhashana Meegammana
    Prabhashana is a student of Ranabima Royal Collage, Kandy. He is studying in 3D Junior school and wishes to become a animations designer and singer. 

    Dilan Wickramakeerthi
    Dilan is high school student from A Rathnayake Central Collage,Kandy. He is studying Media, ICT and Drama.
  • From:
    Shilpa Sayura Foundation
    Sri Lanka