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You're My Type
You're My Type is a transmedia campaign created by Avenue4, as a Final Year Project. The aim of the campaign was to create awareness and encourage the youths of Republic Polytechnic to come forth and donate blood. 
In conjunction with Valentines Day 2014 & in collaboration with Singapore Red Cross Organization, we aim to create a Blood Donation Campaign on February 2014 to create awareness about Blood Donation in Singapore & as well as to meet the national need for blood transfusion.

Our team is interested to motivate people to become blood donors and partner the Red Cross in serving the community and saving lives.

Our team understood the importance of Blood which is required to save lives in times of emergencies and to sustain the lives of those with medical conditions, like leukemia, haemophilia, thalassaemia and bleeding disorders & etc.

We aim to collect units of safe blood in order to meet the demands of blood usage in Singapore.

Therefore, using social & trans media forms of marketing, we wish to create an Event Day for the Blood Donation Campaign.
Our aim is to change mindsets & influence youths, most importantly, to take action to start saving lives and bringing relief to human suffering.  Moreover, we also wish to create greater awareness about the Blood Donation Drive and instill a culture of blood donation among youths to give the community back. We also wish to change the public perception that there is always "enough" blood. Moreover, to recognize blood donors for their lifesaving gift & encourage youths to involve in the blood donation drive as well.

Our primary target audience would be youths aged 18 to 25. Our secondary target audience would be adults aged 26 and above.
For our collaterals, we engaged all forms of marketing mediums, by incorporating traditional, social and new media elements.
We did posters, information cards and ads printing and guerrilla pasting throughout the campus to raise awareness about our upcoming event. We also handed out stickers on the event day and hand made pouches to be distributed to fans who followed our story on social media.
Social Media Platforms will play a vital role in the Blood Donation Drive Campaign 2014. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram will be used as marketing tools and as mediums to generate traffic to our campaign.  At the end of the campaign, we garned 645 likes and an average view for each post would be 550.
We uploaded monthly animation episodes that followed Don on his journey to find his perfect match. The animation sequences helped drew our audiences into the universe we set up for Don. Each animation would get at least 2,000 views thanks to the sharibility of cute and casual content.
Lastly, we created a website where by our audiences could pledge to donate blood and know more about the myths regarding blood donation. The website got a total of 1,000 hits in a short month.
My Roles:
Leader, Character Design, Art Direction, Web Developer, Animator, Cinematographer, Photographer
You're My Type

You're My Type

Don, the blood bag, has embarked on the journey of finding his true love before this Valentines 2014 to confess his love. A transmedia campaign t Read More