RAMBLER&Co Branding

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  • New managing company Rambler&Co came to light as a result of merging Rambler, Afisha and Sup. The main purpose of Rambler&Co is in developing numerous projects of the holding, so that's why our main task was to express individuality of the new company. We made it by using the well known symbol of the union - &. Performed in variety of styles the sign expresses core values of the company: development, creativity, diversity, uniqueness.
  • Logo details
  • Rambler font
  • Backsides of cards. Each ampersand for every department
  • On one hand, ampersand unites different projects, each with their own culture and theme, on the other hand it allows them to express their individuality. Each of the holding's projects is free to use it's own unique ampersand.
    Ampersands variations
  • Personal badge
  • Gift pin
  • Ampersand in interior
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