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    Identity design for a student exhibition centered around an 18 hole miniature golf course based on bizarre phobias.
Off Course Exhibition Identity
18 of the world's most far out phobias as a playable mini-golf course
What happens when you gather 18 MFA Design students and tell them to make a mini-golf course based on strange fears? You get the end-of-the-year show from The School of Visual Arts "Designer as Author" class of 2012 gallery show.

Taking visual cues from now endangered roadside attraction signage, a small team of students (myself, Melissa Gorman, Camille McMorrow, Elliott Walker, and Michael Croxton) developed the show identity and various visual systems. The identity extended over the web and through the streets with posters. The sign was then brought to life as a huge neon centerpiece with the help of Kevin O'Callaghan and his great crew.

Featured on The Gothomist's "Things to do this Memorial Day Weekend"
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Featured on NY1 "Student Base Golf Course on Skill, Fear" (with video)

You can view the whole exhibition/installation at the archival website designed by Tim Hucklesby.