Origamy is a furniture case study inspired by origami folding principles that are applied on designing various objects out of a single sheet of metal.
The goal was to develop range of metal products that look like over-sized paper creations, feel very lightweight and very stable by
adding inner structural support without compromising its appearance.
Such unconventional production technique was used to develop a range of furniture and household objects by giving interior modern and very minimalist look.
Although made just for presentations such objects can be easily adjusted for very efficient mass production with minimal production waste and recyclability in mind.

Origamy collection was developed by using DFS (Design for Sustainability) principles.
By using single material and simple production technique the furniture here is up to 100% recyclable applied with production waste that is less than 1% but also recyclable without any toxic or hazardous waste being made.

Design, modeling, photography and post-production by Darko Nikolić

Darko Nikolć ©
All Rights Reserved



Origamy is collection of furniture developed on origami folding principles. Special manufacturing technique is used to make each object out of si Read More