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    Use this kit to create your own photo filters in minutes.
The LOMO FILTER KREATOR KIT is reintroducing the art of using photographic filters and gives the user full creative control. Having three silicon trays, one for flat filters, one for gradients and one for vignettes, the user can create filters in unlimited colours and compositions. The process is outrageously simple, using a special sugar called Isomalt, and sugarcolours, the filters can be created in a household microwave or oven. If they scratch they can be remolded into a new filter or even consumed. Making one filter takes about 2 minutes to create and 10 minutes to cool down. Using our kit, you could make around 50 filters for $10 worth of isomalt. Welcome to the future of analog photography!
Project group: Elena Dieckmann, Erika Laiche & Morten Grønning