Dig in Vision | Exploring the Future of Welding

About the client:

Dig in Vision is Polish technology company that is revolutionizing the training and recruitment of welders. Today, the company is expanding into African markets, offering thousands of young people the opportunity to learn a trade.


The brand needed a visual identity that spoke in an unconventional way to the fact that it has become an ambassador for technological and social change, aligned with the goals of UN.

The Idea:

The branding of this company connects the worlds of technology, virtual reality, education, welding, industry and recruitment, symbolizing the absence of barriers.

Brand Identity      Animation      UI Design      Webflow Development      Strategy


The color of steel, which changes during thermal processing, was the inspiration for the color scheme. It goes from red to orange, yellow, green, white, blue and gray.

Based on this, we created tonal transitions - gradients - and developed a wide color palette. This approach gives us the freedom to present content on different backgrounds and lead the audience to appropriate associations, e.g. green for ecology, blue for technology or orange for industry. The main colors are off-white and black, with the rest serving as accents.

Motion Designer: Stan Zaykowski, Oskar Łowicki
Designer: Jacek Nowak, Oskar Łowicki, Stan Zaykowski
Webflow Developer: Jacek Nowak
Business: Igor Subocz​​​​​​​

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Dig in Vision | Exploring the Future of Welding

Dig in Vision | Exploring the Future of Welding

From Concept to Creation: The Project for Dig In Vision's Brand Identity, Website, and Motion Design