​​​​​​​Video Credits
Art Direction: Matthew Clouston
Design and Animation: Lebon Siu
Video Editor: Lebon Siu
Videographer: Jared Davis
tentree x Saye - "What's It Made Of?"

Motion Animation, Storyboarding, Illustration, Video Editing

Tools Used
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator

For Spring/Summer 2023, tentree launched their "M'89 Sneaker" made in collaboration with Saye. 

This collection was born from the desire to join forces and create a unique product that would convey the common values pursued by the two brands. Each pair of M'89s is made using bio-based, recycled and organic materials.

For this campaign I was tasked with creating a launch video that highlights what each M'89 Sneaker is made of. Given that this was tentree's first sneaker release, I set out to create a high-energy, fast-paced video to drum up the hype for launch.

Video Objectives
1. Create hype around tentree's first shoe launch
2. Educate the audience about what the M'89 Sneaker is made of
3. Drive sales
Responsive 9x16 Launch Video posted on Instagram
Animation Breakdowns
Video Storyboards
Thank You

Motion Graphic Design by Lebon Siu
tentree x Saye

tentree x Saye