For the first time in history, a human expedition reached the Mariana Trench ocean floor at a depth of 10,916 metres in 1960. Scientists assumed that no multicellular organisms would be able to live in these harsh environments. But there was life, and it was abundant. Many species are still awaiting to be discovered 60 years later.
Specimens is a collection of five procedurally generated and animated imaginary creatures. Combination of deep-sea organisms' patterns, behaviors, and structures with the peculiar appearance of microscopic imaging, results in the creation of new, digital living forms.

Specimens was a part of Reconciliation with the Living exhibition organized by Verse Works and Museum Week. You can see the project at too.
Specimen E:
Specimen A:
Specimen D:
Specimen C:
Specimen B:
Behind the scenes:
Simulation is made in several steps. First the general movement is achieved. High quality mesh with wrinkles and secondary motion is later derived:
Each model is generated procedurally, meaning that new, similar, yet different specimens are easy to prepare: