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Do we need masters?, 2014

The late Danish (furniture) designer Hans Wegner was an integral part of Scandinavian modernism. He was known for his minimalistic and functional chairs with attention to detail, user and material. Celebrating his 100-year anniversary, Tønder Museum asked me to visually interpret his work. Looking through articles about the work of Wegner, all I found was praise – a certain sense of awe still seems to surround him. This notion is slightly unfamiliar in contemporary culture, where questioning, reappropriating and a critical mindset has become standard. Taking on these virtues, I utilized a number of Wegners chairs to form an alphabet, thus removing their original function and redefining their use – an intentionally dysfunctional approach. This to challenge the authority of Wegner's work and ask the question: Do we need masters?
To document my research and results I created a 47-page book. The typographic treatment in the book conveys the idea of seeing something from a new angle as it forces you to turn the book while reading it. This is also a reference to the chairs used for the alphabet that at times have been rotated to create certain letterforms. The typeface used in the book is Alte Haas Grotesque whose rough an unfinished aesthetic is a stark contrast to the well-rounded works of Wegner.