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Augmented Reality Wonderland Art

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Augmented Reality Art
3D Photogrammetry, Animation and Sound Design of the Wonderland Series 
The Wonderland Series has been transformed into an immersive Augmented Reality experience, where guests can now explore the artwork in a more interactive and engaging manner.

Karen Alsop, the artist behind the 'Alice Falling', 'Flight of Freedom', and 'Passage of Time' 2D series, has brought her works to life for the 2023 Monash Children's Hospital Gala event. The towering 3-meter tall art installations were displayed in the Crown Palladium Ballroom foyer, and guests were able to access the augmented reality experience by scanning a QR code with their devices.

Thanks to the collaboration with Hoverlay, Karen was able to create a three-dimensional world full of animation, 3D renderings of the original 2D elements from her art series, and dynamic sound design. This emotive art experience transports guests into a captivating and enveloping world of creativity.
The art installations were displayed at an event raising funds for Monash Children's Hospital in Melbourne. The experience was created in partnership with Hoverlay, a leading technology company specializing in augmented reality solutions.

As guests enter the augmented reality world, they are transported into a three-dimensional space full of animation, sound design, and 3D renderings of the original 2D elements from Karen's art series. The result is an exceptional and enveloping art experience that evokes emotions and captivates the imagination.

Karen Alsop's Wonderland Series is a true testament to the limitless possibilities of augmented reality and its ability to bring art to life in new and exciting ways. The combination of Karen's creative vision and Hoverlay's technology has created an experience that is not only interactive and engaging, but also emotionally charged and thought-provoking.
Karen Alsop brought her Wonderland series to life in an even bigger way by designing and animating a stunning digital backdrop that was displayed throughout the evening at the Crown Palladium Ballroom. This expansive digital display incorporated elements from her Wonderland series, including a teapot pouring tea into a teacup, pocketwatches swinging back and forth, and historic books from the Berwick Mechanic's Institute Library, originally photographed for "Alice Falling" and later captured using Photogrammetry to convert them into 3D elements for the augmented reality experience.
The digital backdrop was a true highlight of the evening, showcasing Karen's creativity and technical expertise in combining traditional art elements with cutting-edge technology. The subtle movement of the teapot, teacup, and pocketwatches, along with the intricate details of the 3D books, all came together to create a mesmerizing and eye-catching display that left a lasting impression on guests.
Karen Alsop's Wonderland series has been elevated to new heights with her latest Augmented Reality and digital backdrop creations. Her vision and passion for art, combined with the latest technology, has resulted in a truly unforgettable and magical experience that is sure to captivate and inspire.
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Augmented Reality Wonderland Art


Augmented Reality Wonderland Art