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    Branding redesign for Aura Chaké, a luxurious cosmetic brand based in Paris.
This flashback will give you an overview of our collaboration with a major reference in cosmetics. Through the lens of our work with its visual identity, you will learn about the woman behind the brand.
Zélin International Cosmetics is a French company created by Gisèle Zemmour. Its main activity consists in exporting luxurious cosmetic products in countries like Russia, China, Spain or Iran.
Independent, creative and ambitious, Gisèle never wanted to work for someone else. Her main goal was to create her own company. She invested the famous rue Dupin in Paris with her boutique, Beauty Institute and Hairdressing Salon, Chez Gisèle. Acquiring her expertise by developing and manipulating her exclusive formulas on her clients, she created Aura Chaké with the unyielding mantra of creating beauty products that actually work.
Our first intervention was to give an impulse to the brand.
As you will see, lifting is also part of our work. No worry, we do not operate on humans.
Aura Chaké 2.0
This was the logo used by Aura Chaké at the time.
The task was to rejuvenate as well as strategize the visual identity of the brand. The briefing stipulated that this logo had to be integrated into the work, since it was internationally known.
Quality - Efficiency - Rigor
These are the main strengths of the brand, expressed by the logo thanks to the addition INST.
 The original logo remained as a signature.
Designing the packagings was also part of our mission. We decided to give every product its own reference, displayed on the pack in a bold way, as if they were directly coming from an Institute. In order to keep a qualitative feeling, we used an impression with fast drying inks on Chromolux metallic paper, in order to obtain our silver background and screen printing for the logo, reference numbers and text. Today, such a sofisticated production seems hardly imaginable.
The first intervention was directed by the creators of our agency, prior to its existence.
Agency - Co & Co / Art Direction -  Stéphane Aubry & Ralf Porzel
Aura Chaké 2.1
2 years passed after this first project and our reunion with Gisèle. Funny story, she actually was searching for us this whole time. Until we received a phone call.
Bonjour, c'est Gisèle.
A lot of changes happened for her company. A new partnership had been signed with a renowned French Laboratory. New legislations made some of the ingredients incorporated in her products prohibited, bringing the need to create new formulas.
She also launched new products considered as the finest of the brand, allowing our collaboration to go even further. We redesigned the logo, the packagings, catalogues, leaflets and even the cream jar.
A serious brand makeover.
Our new take on the whole visual set was to give it more of a feminine and sophisticated touch.  
A few elements were edited in order to gain coherence.
The brand signature was definitely abandoned. As the packaging went from silver and gold to metallic pink, the reference numbers were more subtle.
This collaboration allowed Aura Chaké to be picked in the Zoom sur selection of Cosmeeting, a worldwide showcase for beauty brands, for which we designed the stand.
One year later, she was selected again but this time as an exhibitor, allowing her to have a wider exposure. The stand was once again designed by our agency.
Innovation is also an essential component of Aura Chaké.
Imagine a device that can analyze the essential characteristics of your skin and advise you the adequate products. You don't have to think very hard.
Gisèle created the Aura Skin Master.
From a complete analysis to a natural peeling, this device is able to give you the adapted treatment your skin really needs thanks to the whole range of products from Aura Chaké.
This whole body of work is the milestone that helped the rise of Gisèle to her current success, as well as her untiring courage and determination. Mutual trust is what allowed this collaboration to last all this years. And as you can see, our relationship is still up-to-date.
Actually, she gave us this kiss after reading the article.