Main Artwork, Fest Poster, Teaser and Breakdown
Here is the Artwork for the XtremeFest 2014, a punk rock / metal / hardcore fest in Albi, France.
I wanted to make a very explosive scene of destruction with a main character I called the "Punkzilla".
The Punkzilla is a mix of Godzilla and Fat Mike (Nofx frontman), half giant creature half punk rocker.
Hope you enjoy this one! For the ones interested in the process of making it, I've done a breakdown at the bottom of this page. And don't forget to check the XtremeFest website here.
Final Artwork
Final Poster
Teaser for XtremeFest - Done with After Effects and Final Cut
Final sketch for composition
(Notice: I decided to replace choppers by F16 planes.)
Logo for 2014 and Color Palette
Drawing Punkzilla WIP
1- Base drawing
2- Base drawing detail
3- Base colors and shading
4- Final Colors
5- Texturing
6- Final Painting
3D Part
3D Destroyed City:
1- Wireframe detail
2- Wireframe
3- Light Set Up
4- Final Light and HDRI Set Up
5- Final Render
Final Compositing
Composition WIP Part1:
1- Background: painted sky, clouds and moon
2- Adding Punkzilla
3- Adding 3D render of destroyed city
4- Smoke, explosions and atmosphere
5- Details of smoke, explosions, halos and haze.
Composition WIP Part2:
1- F16 and missiles added
2- Big Fire and exploding plane
3- Final grading and tweaking
4- Textures added, final look
Final Artwork Details