Communication strategy & commercial
for a community garden based in Milan
» Coltivando is a community garden, promoted by Politecnico di Milano, located in the outskirts of Milan.
It is part of the DESIS network (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainablity) and is meant to create an 
active community in the area through the local green areas care.

» After a first research phase consisting in a series of interviews, observations of the area and competitors analyisis, the selected target were young families with small children.

» Therefore, along with the identification of target needs, communication guidelines such as tone of voice and media planning have been defined. These focused on a playful approach to change the citizen's view of the academic background as exclusive and elitist.
The outcome is a campaign based on the character of Ciuffo, a bungling mole attracted
by the garden who wants to help but ends up with making disastrous mistakes
he will need the kids' help to learn how to cultivate in the right way.
30'' commercial

Watch the commercial and... don't miss the ending titles ;)
About the technique, the making of the commercial has been a challenge,
since it combines live action with animation.
Campaign: user scenario
 Since the advertising campaign is meant to captivate children, it's based on a gaming mechanism and on installations through local green areas and playgrounds.
Character: drafts and features
Copy strategy presentation

Politecnico di Milano
Master degree in Communication Design

Course: Laboratorio di progettazione di sistemi e artefatti complessi
Spring 2013
Professors: Marisa Galbiati, Francesca Piredda
TA: Gabriele Carbone
Team: Sara Pizzetti, Andrea Pracchi, Chiara Scalvi, Chiara Simoncelli, Alessandro Tosi, Xiaoxiao Yin
Coltivando [in] Bovisa