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SWP: wearable strabismus cure device for kids

Industrial Design
SWP: wearable strabismus cure device for kids
Wearable Strabismus Cure Device For Kids With Motorized Prism Lens
Product design / Personal project / Year 2022​
SWP: wearable strabismus cure device for kids, 2022, design by Haechan Ryu.
User scene of a wearable strabismus device for children with strabismus.
A wearable strabismus treatment device that promotes active and effective cure for childhood strabismus patients who are difficult to treat through surgery and other methods - SWP.

National population projections suggest that there are approximately 677,000 cases of manifest strabismus among children 6–71 months of age (above 5%) in the United States. The prevalence of strabismus was more than 6.12% among children in Africa. Also, strabismus was found in 5.58% of Asian children and 6.24% of Hispanics. 
Strabismus that is difficult to operate or has a mild degree of strabismus is being treated with prism glasses.
Prism lens operating mechanism for strabismus correction.
A unit called a prism is used as an indicator of the severity of strabismus. For patients with strabismus with an angle of 15 degrees or less, treatment through surgery is not recommended but treatment through prism glasses is widely used.

Although prism glasses are used for the treatment of children's strabismus, there is a problem that the treatment of strabismus is increasingly slow due to the fixed viewing angle of the corrective prism glasses.

The longer the prism glasses are used, the less effective the treatment is as the eye adapts to the distortion of the glasses. Therefore, in order to promote the treatment effect, there is a problem in that glasses must be changed regularly.
SWP is a wearable strabismus treatment device that offers a solution to the aforementioned problems.

The motorized prism lens mounted inside the product continuously adapts the distortion angle according to the user's severity of strabismus. Accordingly, the treatment of strabismus can be further promoted by strengthening the eye movement effect.

Since early and continuous treatment of strabismus is important for childhood strabismus patients, more active strabismus treatment can be expected through the function of SWP.

*For better understanding, above is an image made so that the inner lens rotates faster.*
Product sketches by Haechan Ryu
Sketches and rough modeling for form inspiration, product sketch and modeling surface analysis images.

Due to the nature of therapeutic products that require long-term wear, I have tried to develop them into a form that is as lightweight and comfortable to wear as possible.

The inner module is included as an optimal space, and the center of gravity applied to the head is distributed to the forehead, crown, and occiput to improve wearing comfort.

Using Rhino's Subdivision modeling tool, I implemented smooth curved surfaces and side character lines that fit the design concept.
SWP's directing rendering image.
SWP has three color lineups.
3 color lineups with white BG.
SWP has three color lineups.

They are soft white, beige, and dark gray, respectively. I tried to build a simple yet professional image through three colors.

Cushions with excellent resilience are installed on the face and back of the head for a more comfortable fit. user can adjust the size of the upper strap according to your head shape.
Side profile of SWP; a characteristic slim line divides the side surfaces.
Overall, it has a soft and rounded shape, and the sleek lines cutting the surface on the side increase the attractiveness of the design.

The product name SWP represents the initials of Simplicity With Professionalism. It is the result of exploring modeling that is friendly and can demonstrate professionalism as a treatment device at the same time.
Beige color details.
Color 1, Beige.

It is a lineup of soft and warm colors. The back of the head is equipped with a dial that can adjust the size. The face part has ample space, so you can use it even when wearing glasses. The side part has a power button, mode toggle, battery sign and USB c port.
White color details.
White color details.(2)
White color details.(3)
Color 2, Soft white.

The dial on the front is for adjusting the eye spacing.
Dark grey color details.
Dark grey color details.(2)
Color 3, Dark grey.

It is a color match that gives points to dark tones with bright, highly saturated green.
X-ray view, showing prism lens module is laid inside.
Back dial is for sizing up the product. You can return to the initial settings by pressing the middle button.
Simulation of the operation of the occipital size dial
Simulation of the operation of the front eye spacing dial.
This is a simulation of the operation of the dials.

Rotate the dial on the back of the head to increase the size, and press the button in the center to return to normal. A wide range of sizes that can be used for children from 5-7 years old to pre-adolescent children.

The eye spacing can be adjusted via the dial on the front. You can increase the width up to about 15mm.
Poster design for product promotion in beige color
Poster design for product promotion in dark grey color.
Poster design for product promotion in soft white color.
Commercial campaign posters for SWP.
I also worked on poster graphic design for product commercial campaigns. 

It has a muted tone body and uses point colors of each color as an element that draws attention to increase it.​​​​​​​
Thank you for reading my project. 
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SWP: wearable strabismus cure device for kids


SWP: wearable strabismus cure device for kids