'Baku" magazine illustrations, 2014
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    Illustrations for "BAKU" magazine, Azerbaijan
Illustrations for BAKU magazine, Azerbaijan. 
The illustration is based on the idea from the article that home city is like an autobiographical book, its streets being pages of life. 
Captions on books and pages here read "my first fight", "my secret hideaway", "favorite coffeeshop", "my music school", "here lived my first school love", '"here I walked after the movie His Butler's Sister", "My first job", "Here I wrote my first story" (it's writer's reminiscences).
Note the three little blue boks on the pavement. They read "first kiss", "second kiss", and "third kiss":)
Since the article is mainly reminiscences, this particular jankman is collecting very odd old things. here are some mentioned in the pricelist on the cart: old wounds, dusty memories, old feud, forgotten dream, rustic resentments, first love.
Note the book titles like Hem's "The old man and the sea" and Balsac's "Lost illusions":)
Title of the article
Illustration to an article about jazz pianist from Baku.