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Tokyo Art Room (TAR) is the group of people who are passionate about increasing the number of Japanese makers (artists / designers / musicians / craftmans etc,.) who can earn foreign currency.The member of TAR is spending all free time for this as they believe Japanese market will decline in the near future due to increasing global competitions with a third country and decreasing population of the working age group in Japan. 
They believe they have to do something to save Japan. They are trying to achieve their vision by (1) creating and managing unique Airbnb listings that contains a small art gallery that showcase local makers’ works, (2) organizing Casual Meetup for the Airbnb guest and the makers. They believe giving the makers opportunities to meet and talk with creative people (Airbnb guests) from overseas is priority to achieve their vision because it will significantly increase makers’ confidence for their work and English communication. With increased confidence and opportunities to talk to creative people from overseas, TAR believes the makers can be ready to think about challenging overseas market. In other words, they don’t think anyone can challenge the overseas market without having the opportunity to talk with creative people from overseas and break the fear of failure due to their English communication. The leader of TAR - Ryoma Machida contacted me and asked me to design the TAR’s logo. He said he can’t offer much compensation, but he makes sure he will work hard to achieve his vision through TAR. I was really inspired by Ryoma’s passion and the TAR’s concept so I decided to help them out for free. Here is what I deliver. 

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, I highly recommend staying at TAR. 
You can view more details about the room below.

Tokyo Art Room Yoyogi Koen - closed

Tokyo Art Room Yoyogi Koen (Shibuya) is located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It's located in very peaceful and safe area close to Shibuya and Harajyuku. You will experience no problems with safety. Walking distance from Yoyogi Park, Shibuya Sta, and Harajuku Sta (10-25min walk). There are plenty of things to see and eat along the way so you don't get bored. It is a 2-4 min walk to convenient train lines (Chiyoda and Odakyu) to explore the rest of Tokyo. This new apartment - Tokyo Art Room - TAR is perfect for two adults.

Yoyogihachiman Station (Odakyu Line)  2 minutes on foot / Yoyogikoen Station (Chiyoda Line)  4 minutes on foot

Tokyo Art Room Akasaka

Tokyo Art Room Akasaka is located in Akasaka, Tokyo. Only a 3-minute walk from Akasaka Subway Station, "Tokyo Art Room in Akasaka" features simple, stylish accommodation with a hand made steel furnitures and free high speed mobile Wi-Fi router (you can use it outside too). A relaxing balcony is offered. The place is really quite. You have a private bathroom with shower, and guests can relax with free fresh tea / coffee. The Tokyo Midtown complex and Roppongi area are about a 11-minute walk away. Nearby Akasaka Station offers direct subway access to the Meiji-Jingu, Yoyogi Koen and Omotesando areas.

Akasaka Station Exit 6/7 (Chiyoda Line) 3 minutes on foot / Tameike Sanno Station Exit 5/7/10 (Nanboku Line) 9 minutes on foot /
Roppongi Station (Ohedo/Hibiya Line) 11 minutes on foot / Kokkai Gijido Station (Marunouchi Line) 12 minutes on foot


Tokyo Art Room project team

Entrepreneur / Marketer: Ryoma Machida
Interior design / Photograph: Shinsuke Yokoyama
Iron craftsman / Furniture design and interior construction: Koudai Kawai
Lawyer: Hibino Masaru
Logo system construction / Adviser: Hiromi Maeo
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Tokyo Art Room | Identity

Tokyo Art Room | Identity

Logo created for the project which connects Japanese art producers and Airbnb guests who are interested in art. The design of logo is dynamic, us Read More

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