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Why Not Spreeeads

Why Not

Why Not is a Colombian food brand that wants to overthrow the belief that indulgence equals unhealthy. The brand's name emphasizes the defiant idea of the founders of wanting to prove that the impossible can be achieved when it comes to changing the way we feel about certain types of food.

Why Not successfully launched a family of oat flour and almond flour based Pancake & Waffle mixes into the market, so they decided to keep creating, and eventually ended up asking themselves:
"We already have a Pancake & Waffle mix family to make the most delicious breakfasts ever, but something seems to be missing... Why Not create the perfect match for them?"

This question was all it took for Why Not's owners to set in motion the best nut-based spreads the world has ever seen. Not only are they vegan, but also sugar free, gluten free, additive free and palm oil free. Oh, and the best part, they're so clean, that over 80% of their content is just nuts. Nuts, right?​​​​​​​

The Spread family redesign involved the creation of their very own jar, colored to match the exact tone of their signature bluish-purple and a custom made cap with their monogram embossed in it. They also got a custom shaped template for the labels that resemble the act of spreading something, with all the graphics keeping it a little bit messy, since no real spread gets spread in the pristine way the unrealistic pictures on the labels of traditional brands want to make us believe.

Created by Borondo.

Client: Why Not
Country: Colombia
Creative Direction & Design: Juan Montes
Illustration: Juan Montes
Why Not Spreeeads

Why Not Spreeeads

Why Not is an irreverent brand that wants to change the way we think of indulgent food. It boasts a visual identity that uses illustrated charact Read More