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Why Not Pancakes & Waffles


Why Not
Pancakes & Waffles

Why Not is a Colombian food brand that wants to overthrow the belief that indulgence equals unhealthy. The brand's name emphasizes the defiant idea of the founders of wanting to prove that the impossible can be achieved when it comes to changing the way we feel about certain types of food.

Why Not create a pancake mix that's you could have every single day because it's actually good for you? Why Not create a mix that's gluten free, additive free, sugar free and made with top ingredients that have real nutritional value? And Why Not make it so easy to use, that the only thing you need to do is add water.
Challenging the conventions of how we relate to indulgent foods required an equally challenging visual identity that strayed from the visual codes of a category where nearly every player looks like a copy of one another. That's why it was decided from the beginning to use illustrated characters and an unconventional color palette within the Pancake & Waffle Mixes Category to not only distance itself from traditional brands, but break with the schemes and open the doors to a world of new possibilities. The redesign of the packaging for the Why Not Pancake & Waffle Mixes came at a time when the company sought to stop being a niche brand and expand to get both into retail and international markets, which is why it was imperative to design labels that could make a splash on shelves, dominated by traditional brands.

Usually, the back side of packaging gets overlooked and rarely gets a the same treatment as the front, so I decided to create a scene that would illustrate the moments of consumption of the product in order to communicate the suggested use in a more fun and appealing way.

Every graphic detail of the packaging has been thought out with the greatest care, and to illustrate this point, the bottom part of each reference was used to include a character alluding to the flavor that has no other function than to demonstrate that small details can be a big a reason to smile.

Created by Borondo®

Client: Why Not
Country: Colombia
Creative Direction & Design: Juan Montes
Illustration: Juan Montes
Why Not Pancakes & Waffles

Why Not Pancakes & Waffles

Why Not is an irreverent brand that wants to change the way we think of indulgent food. It boasts a visual identity that uses illustrated charact Read More