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「幸釜礼」Restaurant Branding Design餐饮品牌设计



Client: 幸釜礼 
Creative Director: WuYu MuZi 
Art Director: MuZi 
Designer: MuZi Motion 
Designer: ChuanZe 
Photography: Zi Juan




In the current catering market, most of the visual design of is relatively "thick" and rich, but this time we conducted a new design experiment. In the graphic part of this catering design project, can we have a new way of playing?
Everyone in the catering industry is talking about fresh food ingredients, but this is the basic requirements of the catering industry, and product experiences should be greater than visual experiences; so we have weakened the graphic visual experience this time, making it only an auxiliary function, allowing diners to focus on the food itself.
At the creative level this time, we hope that consumers can feel good luck and festive atmosphere the moment they enter the store. Because "fortune" has a very important meaning in Chinese culture, consumers can easily understand and accept it. Therefore, in the process of visual presentation, we strengthened the concept of "fortune", integrated Chinese elements with characteristics of transshipment such as compass, azimuth, crane, and lottery into the brand vision, increasing the design form of the brand vision. The overall design is a catering brand with Chinese-style full of fortune elements, which can make people feel the atmosphere of "goof luck" when they see it, creating a delicious, fun, and festive emotional construction catering concept system.

「幸釜礼」Restaurant Branding Design餐饮品牌设计

「幸釜礼」Restaurant Branding Design餐饮品牌设计