TekX = technology experimentarium
TekX is Rødovre Municipality’s technology experimentarium for children and youths. The facility offers a range of production technologies, such multicutting plotters, laser cutters, and 3D printers, as well as gaming and multimedia technologies, all of which can be implemented in public school (K-12) education.

As TekX's in house media consultant, I am the creative lead on all visual communication and multimedia products, including print and digital media, videos, podcasts and the organization's website. I have led several projects and initiatives at TekX - designing and branding of digital products, social media content strategy and production, designing the podcast studio, and professional development workshops for pedagogical personnel.
Graphic design.
Custom floor mats
Original design for synthwave inspired floor mat, featuring a vector drawing of the iconic Delorean DMC-12..
Podcast branding
Audio & Video.
Innovators Podcast
Innovators Podcast is an English language podcast focused on technology and innovation in education. I produce, edit and co-host the podcast along with Kenneth Weiland and Oliver Fröberg, who are both teachers in Rødovre Municipality.
TekX Trailer
TekX trailer video: 30 second video that introduces the technologies and facilities housed at TekX
TekX Live
At Rødoovre Day, an outdoor city expo held annually in Rødovre, I set up and directed a live stream for interviewing event guests. Two local students volunteered to be hosts for the production.
Instructional Video - Podcast Studio
As lead designer and content producer for TekX's website, I handle the primary UX design, with consideration to both internal and external stakeholders and users. I plan and produce all text and audiovisual content in both Danish and English.