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    App design for use on tablet devises that presents the Taschen publishing catalogue in a creative and advanced way.
This project was put forward as part of D&AD regulated assignment at my University. We were instructed to produce an app for publishing company Taschen with two primary targets. Utilise the abilities of new media and new technologies, and attempt to produce a design which wouldn't alienate lovers of printed media.

There was also supposed to be a aesthetic connection between our work and the appearance of the Taschen 30th anniversary issue which featured a predominantly black and gold cooer scheme.

The main influences for the design process was a focus on the representaion of architecture within the the home screen. The square frames animation within the primary navigation was influences by cubic architecture. Architecture became a focus of the project because of the strong relationship Taschen hold with architecture design books.
This page displays the most popular entries and best sellers, as well as the specific book titles featured within the 30th anniversary issue. This is an intelligent page that uses the users browsing history to show the user thumbnails of books he or she might be interested in based on previous purchases and searches. This page will update after ever use.
The directory segment of the app allows you to browse and navigate easily through any book within the Taschen publishing catalogue. You can browse by title, author, genre and date of production to find what you're looking for. It then enables to you browse through select pages of the books and obtain additional information that would take advantage of the digital format such as videos and audio.

The bottom image displays the multi-touch function that the app sues to activate book marking. because of the complex nature of the touch interface it is necessary to implement the tablets multi-touch abilities to interact with multiple actions across all pages.