Motion Graphics
After Effects

Build your future!

Are you looking to make a career shift and need more than just resources 
to develop your skills and find a new job? Springboard is here to help! 
It's an online learning platform that prepares students for the tech industry 
by offering them programs that are led by professionals. These mentors are specialized in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, 
and UI/UX and they are here to support you! 

For this project, we focused on showing one of the student's journey with Springboard that cooperated with a walkthrough of the company's products, mentorship, and career services such as courses and curriculum. As usual, 
we had fun while working on this topic and combined our experience of effective storytelling with rigged and frame-by-frame animation techniques.

Meet our hero!

Geraldo was a rig operator who changed his life with the help of Springboard's crew. Since the project focuses on a real person we needed to get his stylized character right and made bunch of sketches. We are pretty convinced that we managed to do that. You can check for yourself! 

Making of

For this complex project, we combined various animation techniques and programs such as After Effects, Blender, Adobe Animate, and Moho. 
It was hard work but we enjoy the final effect.


Client: Springboard
Directed by Animwood

Production: Maciek Butscher, Maja Krajewska
Storyboard & Character Design: Martyna Pianka
Illustration: Martyna Pianka, Julia Knapik, Iza Łukaszek 
Animation 2D: Maja Krajewska, Wiktor Kralka, Denis Frolov
Character animation: Karol Szulc, Olga Przytuła, 
Wiktoria Gnat, 
Paweł Granatowski
Animation 3D: Wiktoria Gnat
Animation frame by frame: Ruben Dantas​​​​​​​