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  • pearl river beer are building new factories. the client understands corporate image, has travelled, so also understands modern design, and is willing to go with my ideas, and take some risks with gravel instaed of ashphalt carparks, challenging (to chinese corporate eyes) building form, western planning...
    the design of the long box shaped offfice building is highly functional in all respects - we had previously presented to the client team, who wanted to go with another companies old-school concept - finding illogical resons to like the other concept.
    in the time before the next meeting, i completely rethought the building, and designed what i thought was pragmatically right - eliminating the 4th floor in the process, and working from functional requirements for the interior of the building, not thinking about the exterior design.
    when we represented, we said the new design was cheaper, functioned better for staff, would have a natural feel, was more in keeping with the tone of the factory design concept as a whole, better environmentally,...
    there are many issues in the design world as most behance designers know, and particularly in china - loss of face issues, feng shui, tradition, conservativism etc, but occassionally it is surprising how great the vision is of some chinese, the boss looked and considered, while the client team were sniggering. after 10 minutes he said i think we can do that!
    the office building is overall 119 metres long, 23m wide, white steel panel exterior cladding, bamboo flooring that flows out from reception to the carpark, steel fabricated structure in lobby space, with essentialy seperate concrete building structures left and right. canteen space for 560 people, on ground, meeting room for 700 at top level