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you figure it out
M. Léo
M. Léo had to move far far away because of his work. Things are tough now, but he still manages to find happiness in little joys that life brings.
Cruel?Cold?Heartless?Then how do you think M. Léo feels having to be the one to do it... day in and day out...
After a hard days's work, M. Léo likes to dance a bit to relax. He is especially fond of La Primavera from Vivaldi's Le quattro stagioni.
M. Léo is ever so nice, always ready to help... selflessly...
It was a lovely day, so M. Léo took them all out for a walk... one at a time... Poor things tend to get overexcited too easily when together.
M. Léo does get some help... occasionally. This little chore is their favourite. They don't like vacuuming though... or washing up... 
M. Léo is trying to have some private life.
M. Léo is a kind and nice person, but he's very serious. Luckily, he's aware of that, so once in a while he organizes nice little soirées to break the routine. On those occasions, he tries to look sweet and approachable. He tries very hard, and that's wholeheartedly appreciated by his peers... that is, by those who get to be invited to come, but sometimes some do not get the invitation, if they had done something very wrong, like eye-laser-beam-burn a poor little alligator and end up in jail, for life, till M. Léo comes to help them escape...