Team Reveals 13th Team Project 'Superstition'
                                    Team Reveals 13th Team Project 'Superstition'

For the 13th Team Project the artists were asked to create work based upon the theme of Superstition.

I would like to thank you all for your amazing support without which this project would not have been possible.

The artists who participated in this project are from : Romania, Denmark, Japan, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, USA, China, UK, Portugal, Colombia and Italy.
Team Collage
Artist : DigitalArtist John

Title : One for Sorrow Two for Joy...

Tools : Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop, Pen Tablet.
Artist : Silvia Castrati

Title: "Amulets"

Technique: watercolor on paper

Dimensions: 22.9x30.5cm

Year: 2023
Artist : Esperanza Manzanera Velmock

Title : Forget me Not.
Artist : Viktoria Kovats

Title : Supernatural

Description : Supernatural is featured in folklore and religious contexts, but can also feature as an explanation in other contexts, as in the cases of superstitions or belief in the paranormal .
Many people who do not believe in it think superstition, those who believe in it know that the supernatural exists, the whole part of the great round, as well as body, spirit and soul on this planet.
Artist : Monica Quijano L.

Title : Otro x Mismo
Artist : Monica Quijano L

Title : Gregor Portrait
Artist : Monica Quijano L

Title : Hauntology
Description : 
"EL OTRO, EL MISMO". "The Moon", Linocut stamp. "Gregor Portraits", Charcoal and graphite
drawings on paper, part  of a series developed from the Borges' poetry collection "The Other, The
Same" and Kafka's "The metamorphosis". "Hauntology", digital photography from a performance
sequence and reflections on Derrida's hantologie presented in "Specters of Marx" (1993).

Bible at Isaiah's Book, "The Golem" (poem by Jorge Luis Borges) and "To Rid the Disease"
(song by Opeth).

9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker!
Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth.
Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou?
or thy work, He hath no hands?
10 Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou?
or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth?
(Isaiah 45:9-10, Authorized King James Version)

"There's innocence torn from its maker
Stillborn the trust in you
This failure has made the creator
So would you tell him what to do (would you)"
(To Rid the Disease, Mikael Lars Akerfeldt, Opeth)
"The Rabbi observed it with tenderness
and with some horror. -How- (he asked)
-could I beget this sorry son
and abandon inaction, wherein sanity lies?-
-Why did I add to the infinite
series another symbol? Why to the vain
skein that winds in the eternal
did I give another cause, an effect, and grief?-
In the hour of anguish and lack of light,
his eyes on his Golem would rest.
Who will tell us the things God felt
when looking at his rabbi in Prague?"
(English translation for "El Golem" by Jorge Luis Borges)

Here are a few reflections made in a sort of writing/drawing collages that collect ideas that have
been floating around and as a sort of ghost have been present there somehow in most of my work.
That's why I finally thought they could express my ambivalent relationship to "superstition", which I connect to ideas of religious imposed belief versus the search for real spiritual belonging. Kind of tough complex situations that makes us wonder in between the magical, the paradoxical and also either mystical or hyper intellectualized ways of manifesting reality. In depth one of my conclusions of this reflection is about the importance of not falling for the devaluing of myths that technocracies are developing in order to kill what remains curious and rebellious inside us.
Monica Quijano L.

Artist : Mindaugas Buivydas

Title : Passion

Artist : Mindaugas Buivydas

Title : The End is the Beginning
Artist : Mindaugas Buivydas

Title : Under a Spell
Artist : Mindaugas Buivydas

Title : Witchery
Artist : Caroline Bergstrom Scheibel
Artist : Fury Lotus

Title: Belief
Artist : Teodora Oniceanu

Description : 
Superstitions. Usually, superstitions relate to physical things and matters to which are attributed supernatural powers, like knocking on the wood for bad luck and hex cast away or lucky chains and pendants with precious magic stones that carry a certain aura or magical energy charge.
But once launched into the study of them, one can agree on the fact that there is support for what one might be thinking as helpful in certain times of hardship and lack of balance and/or the kind of energy that charges them to their better action. 
Just like a human body, able to produce energy of various kinds, objects do carry their own aura or energy field which can produce both damages and repairs. 
So it comes to the Mind salt that purifies the place and makes things better in its beneficent amounts, being rich in properties that can create pleasure and spaces for purification and health treatments. And this is from the scientific point of view. From the historical point of view, though, the roots tell more about memories people carry on with, those being either the memories of someone they keep their faith in or who offers to them the spiritual comfort and strength that is so necessary to them. From space logical values, one should consider that it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the environment before walking through stages of perpetual change and/or construction.

When we think about them we either feel like laughing or crying, if not caught in the middle where we can find the reason and proper balance to help us. 
Artist : Ash Marnich
Artist : Carla Maciel

Title : Wax Promises

Description :  The "Wax Promises" play an important role in the context of Popular Religiosity. These are an expression of the relationship between the devotee and the divine.

In Portugal at least, you can find a lot of different figures...
Big or small body shaped sculptures, babies, animals, feet, legs, heart, chest, stomach and even the intestines...
All done in wax. And all of them are filled with love, hope, but specially pain and despair... A mirror of a society where the despair is so excruciating that people are afraid their prayers are not loud enough to be heard by the Divine, in the middle of the countless voices who ask for help... So, with these rituals, they hope the wax figures might let their prayers be finally seen...
Artist : Yi Zhang

Title : “ I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious” inspired by Michael Scott.
Team Reveals 13th Team Project 'Superstition'