Le Fringaloup (Fring's Wolf Pizza) 
Pizza & Snack Series Shops
Alsalamo Alikom
This is the final sketch of the wolf  with peice of pizza and spon with fork which present snack part of services.
The name of Le Fringaloup mean : (Fring's Wolf Pizza), so it should present hungry wolf eating a piece of pizza and this was the pre- idea and the original concept of the brand, i hope you will like what i did on this rebranding for a frensh series of snack and pizza shops.

Illustration Outline :) this good for who want draw any illustration after draw it oon sketch to see the technique of make the outline of illustrator or any vector program.
Just Different Backgrounds (illuminate green and orange)
i selected illuminated orange
The Final Logo
The Identity is simple the logo with solid or slightly gradient brown with related to burn bread or foods - foods after get out from oven- i have some choices like red and brown and orange, i select browb but the client want red .:)
a - view
view b
veva - viewa - viewviewview
Thank you