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A project for Viscom 4 at Art Center. Keyframes, character and environment design.
This is a project for Viscom 4 at Art Center College of Design, taught by Fabian Lacey.
The class TA was Rodolfo Hernandez. Thanks very much!
Also a big thanks to Ahmed Aldoori who helped me a ton in his spare time.

World of Valythria
Cinematic Keyframes
The goal of this project was to create environments, characters, and keyframes for a world inspired by The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, one of my favorite games.
Final Keyframes:
Keyframe 2 - Spy has been Discovered
Keyframe 3- Traversing the Wayshrines
Keyframe 4- Invasion of Kalgrimah
Keyframe 5- Corrupted King's Chamber
Character Design- Nerevar
Week 1- Original concepts for Keyframes.
Due to some time constraints, the class final was reduced from 8 final frames to 5 by the end.
City Sketch- This is how I pictured one of the grander and more busy cities looking like for this project.
Week 2
Developing the actual environments and architecture for my scenes.
Development sketches of Architecture
Development sketches of Botany
Unused Concepts:
Sketches for a darker themed city done with ink wash
Vivec keyframe
Interior Throne second keyframe
Development of Final Keyframes
Character Development
Thanks very much for viewing! Comments and Critique are appreciated!