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Multicolor Photoshop Brushes Sampler Bundle

Download and try out 60+ of my Adobe-featured Photoshop brushes! I have hand-picked over 60 of my very FAVORITE multicolor and color-blending Photoshop brushes, and now you can download them all instantly in a carefully organized and easy to install sampler bundle! For Photoshop CS6+ 

In case you are new here -- my name is Jessica Johnson (aka Creators Couture), and I create game-changing, industry-recognized Photoshop brushes! I have collaborated twice with Adobe Creative Cloud to feature my revolutionary brush techniques, and am a featured live-streamer and subscription creator on Behance. Enough about me! Let's get into what you can find in this amazing Photoshop brush sampler bundle! 
4  Impressionist Multicolor Photoshop Brushes

4 Iridescent & Holographic Photoshop Brushes

2 24K Gold Wet Mixer Brushes

5 Photoshop Brushes that turn Photos into Impressionist Artwork

5 Essential Photoshop Brushes Featuring Wet and Dry Textures

4 Watercolor Tie-Dye Brushes

2 Artistic and Painterly Feather Inspired Brushes

2 3D Metallic Gold Photoshop Brushes

2 GlitchCore MultiDimensional Brushes

1 Brush from the Wet Paint Studio 

2 Multicolor Marble Brushes

2 Floral & Foliage Multicolor Brushes

2 Artistic Autumn Multicolor Brushes

2 Galaxy & Celestial Photoshop Brushes

2 Multicolor Watercolor Brushes

1 Textile & Fiber Inspired Photoshop Brush

1 Multicolor Pattern Painter Brush

6 Pastel Inspired Brushes - Featured on Adobe CC

10 Universal Blender Mixer Brushes

Don't miss the 3 Foundation Tutorial Series! 
If you are new to my tools and techniques, I have 3 Foundation series which help you understand completely how to work with your new brush collections as well as layer styles, and get you up and running in no time! 

Multicolor Photoshop Brushes Sampler Bundle


Multicolor Photoshop Brushes Sampler Bundle