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HaHaHa Impro Theater

HaHaHa Impro Theatre is the first professional group for improv theatre in Bulgaria.

It is created in 2009 in Sofia’s Borissova Garden. According to the Zodiac Signs Calendar
the group marks its 10th anniversary in 2019.

HaHaHa develops different improv formats from short, through semi-long to long formats.
The cast performs at many and various places - halls, squares, staircases, schools, universities, offices,
basements, bridges, ships, restaurants, antique stadiums, parks, beach bars, rooftop bars, other types of bars, etc.
The group visits various cities in Bulgaria and abroad as well.

It engages the improv society, sharing its experience with many intrigued improv lovers and professionals
through the improv classes for amateurs and professionals.
HaHaHa works with musicians and improvisers from other countries in the process of creating
in their own author formats.

Vsichko si e super!*
*this is the original motto in Bulgarian, meaning “It’s all super fine!”

HaHaHa Impro Theater


HaHaHa Impro Theater


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