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Myskin Recovery Platform

Myskin Recovery Platform (2021)

'skin diagnosis'
AmorePacific wanted to find ways to improve customer convenience and accessibility while focusing on the fundamental  performance of the smart mirror.

It has a light mirror optimized for image diagnosis and a small sensor AI solution that measures changes in the skin. And you can check the analyzed data through the application.


The oldest mirror ever discovered was from 6000 B.C. It is probably the oldest female accessory in history, and the satisfaction gained through the mirror was not only for the purpose of beauty but also for the desire to own it.

This mirror was designed inspired by natural objects, the essence of mirrors, to create valuable objects that can satisfy women's aesthetic needs and possessiveness.

The first mirror of mankind would have been the surface of water, such as a lake or pond. Inspired by natural objects and resembling beautiful sculptures, this design makes our space comfortable and satisfying.
Design language

1. an understated shape
2.  Proportion using basic shapes
3. Simple and modern design
4. Clear & Pure images

A circular band of light

- When diagnosing skin, it helps to accurately show your skin condition for taking pictures.
- When you put on makeup, this light shines on your face so that you can see the color of your makeup accurately,
     enabling a more perfect makeup.

'Moisture and Elasticity Sensor'

This sensor can measure the condition of your skin's moisture and elasticity, enabling more accurate skin diagnosis.
Wireless Cell Phone Charging Cradle

It is designed to be used in other ways even when you are not diagnosing your skin condition.
If you put your phone on the cradle, the battery will be charged.


AmorePacific's skin experts have accumulated algorithms to analyze customers' skin information and suggest customized skin care services to you.

Customers can conveniently diagnose their skin through their smartphones and get recommendations for customized products only for you.

Myskin Recovery Platform


Client.  AmorePacific
Designed by.  Design STORYLAB

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Myskin Recovery Platform

Myskin Recovery Platform